Director of Campus Ministry

Mr. Stephen Szolosi

Phone: 202.336.7108

Assistant Director
of Campus Ministry

Mr. Jonathan Ruano

Phone: 202.336.7133

Assistant Director of Campus Ministry

Mr. Donald Green

Phone: 202.336.7110

Administrative Assistant for Campus Ministry Programs

Mrs. Cydney Mulieri

Phone: 202.336.7109

Pastoral Associate

Sr. Carroll Ann Kemp, SNJM

Phone: 202.336.7175

Senior Christian Service Requirement

Gonzaga's seniors must complete a minimum of 40 service hours during their senior year. Twenty hours are completed before classes begin in August, and 20 more are completed during the academic year.

Planning for the completion of the hours over the summer begins formally in the second semester of the junior year with the support of campus ministry and the religion department. Notably, the only acceptable service involves work that directly supports the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized.

Senior Year Service

In their final school year, all seniors are obliged to complete 20 hours of service. The hours are organized through the senior Social Justice course. Each student must complete 20 hours of service; the service offered will support the work of SOME (So Others Might Eat) and of Reading Partners. Gonzaga has partnered with both organizations for several years as we attempt to engage the senior classs in work that will lead them to a more complete engagement with the school's Ignatian ideals.

Senior Summer Service

Rising seniors must complete a minimum of 20 service hours before classes begin in August. The hours will go toward the 20 hour service requirement for the Social Justice course offered by the Religion Department. Many students will meet this obligation through the Gonzaga service immersion trips. While not all interested students can be accommodated on those trips, others will have very meaningful and important opportunities to serve more locally or to organize alternate summer service immersions on their own.

Students who will not be part of a Gonzaga immersion project may choose to fulfill this requirement through participation any of the recommended service sites or to work through with the campus ministry staff a . In the spring of Junior year, every student will be introduced to these sites and the responsibility of locating a place to do service for a poor or vulnerable community.

Over spring break, every junior is obliged to complete a commitment form indicating when and where his service will be performed. These forms are made available to students on their junior class Canvas page. Parents are asked to sign these forms.

If a student wishes to participate in a service project not listed among those recommended by Gonzaga, he must ensure that his service will benefit a disadvantaged or underserved people: those who are poor, hungry, physically or mentally challenged.

Additionally, recognizing that the most vulnerable communities often suffer most from environmental injustice, students may also engage in a stewardship project. Again, these projects require permission and should still directly benefit a marginalized group.

Church sponsored trips to serve the needy are acceptable. Gonzaga students are also invited to dedicate their time and energy together.

Students with questions should contact Mr. Szolosi,


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