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Gonzaga College High School is a Jesuit, Roman Catholic school and a part of the Archdiocese of Washington. In 1821, the Society of Jesus (commonly referred to as the Jesuits) founded Gonzaga. It is a part of the system of Jesuit High Schools in this country and around the world. The school's all-male student body currently numbers 960 students, and Gonzaga seeks to challenge each student while encouraging spiritual growth. In addition to our strong academic program, other important aspects of life at Gonzaga are our community service outreach programs and co-curricular activities, including our sports teams and club organizations. Altogether, these aspects educate a well-rounded student, a young man who is: intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving, and committed to doing justice in generous service to the people of God. Simply put, we educate our students to be Men for Others.

The Gonzaga Tradition

Jesuits and education. These two words combined denote excellent preparation for students anywhere in the world.  The Jesuits and their lay colleagues seek to bring to full expression the talents of young people in their schools within the Christian tradition.  This has been the case in Washington since 1821, when Gonzaga's venerable predecessor, the Washington Seminary, was founded.  In 1858, the name changed to Gonzaga College when President Buchanan signed the Act of Congress incorporating the school legally.  Back then the school was located on F Street, N.W.  It was moved to North Capitol and Eye Streets, N.W. in 1871.  From 1821 to the present, Gonzaga has sought to help young people grow towards religious, intellectual and social maturity.

Gonzaga, in a decision The Washington Post cited as "almost defiant," committed itself to a downtown location in the early 1970's.  It serves a uniquely diverse student body, from all points of the compass.  Students come here, and with the best advice and guidance, construct their own schedule of learning which will best help them develop their strengths. These include: commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ, dedication to academic excellence, personal service to other people - especially those in need -and deep and fulfilling involvement in sporting and other co-curriculars.

Academic Challenge

Gonzaga offers outstanding academics. Gonzaga students work hard to complete a sophisticated academic program in which they learn how to understand the thoughts and achievements of others as they learn themselves to think and achieve. They learn to read and write effectively, and they learn to think justly.

Gonzaga students study and apply mathematics until they are at home with abstract logical thinking. In Gonzaga's acclaimed science program, students become scientists as well as humanists. Gonzaga graduates enjoy an intellectual balance because they have studied deeply in various subjects.

At Gonzaga, students grow increasingly responsible for their own learning. Gonzaga teachers - intellectually and humanly competent, experienced men and women - care most deeply that their students grow and learn. They stress in each course skills which will last and support further learning as part of a college preparatory curriculum. And they are responsible mentors with whom students can comfortably seek out needed help.

Courses Gonzaga Students Take

In order to earn his diploma, the Gonzaga student must complete the below course requirements:

  • Four years of religion
  • Four years of English
  • One year beyond Algebra II/ Trigonometry in Mathematics
  • Four years of history/social studies
  • To the third level of a language( French, Spanish, Chinese, or Latin)
  • Three years of science: biology, chemistry, physics, selected electives
  • One year of physical education and health
  • One year of art
  • The Social Justice Program for Community Service

Advanced placement (college level) courses are offered to qualified students in: each modern language, each science, Calculus, English, American and European History, studio art, and computer science.

Other Ways to Learn

Gonzaga students participate in a wide variety of activities. Play rehearsals, practicing for any of 17 varsity athletic teams, and newspaper deadline rushes draw students together and bring them into close contact with faculty members who coordinate school activities.

Gonzaga students develop responsibility, discipline, and cooperation effectively through activities and sports.  More importantly, they have fun together.

The Spirit of Gonzaga

At Gonzaga there is a tremendous sense of community; all Washington knows that Gonzaga students are outstanding, spirited young men.

Because of Gonzaga's amazing location, her students are on-the-scene participants in the cultural, intellectual, and political happenings of the Federal City. More importantly, students come to Gonzaga from every part of the entire metropolitan area. Increasingly, they use Metrorail to nearby Union Station; many come by Metrobus, commuter rail and carpool. Students hail from over 150 different zip codes.

Gonzaga students learn from one another. They are intellectually talented and culturally, economically, geographically and socially diverse. Gonzaga's spirit embraces them and brings them all together in a committed community where they meet other students who will be among their closest, life-long friends.

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