Greetings from the Center for Academic Excellence!

The mission of the
Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) is to provide high quality academic support programs for all students at Gonzaga College High School.  The CAE works with students to address their unique needs in order to help them continually strive for academic excellence.  The CAE provides learning skills advising and instruction, research assistance, and individual and group tutoring services; operates the Study Center; facilitates study groups and exam review sessions; and collaborates and partners with parents, teachers, counselors and other support resources to assist students to achieve their academic goals.  Students wanting support may be recommended by their teachers, parents or counselor.  Students can also drop in on their own to study or receive help either individually or in small study groups.

Mr. Peter Baggetta, the Academic Support Specialist, may be contacted via email or at 202-336-7307.

 The goals of the CAE are to:

  • Facilitate student understanding and mastery of course material

  • Encourage students to become self-regulated and strategic learners through the continual interplay of experience, reflection and action

  • Assist the development of self-motivated, independent, growth-minded, life-long learners

  • Help students develop skills to achieve their full academic potential and all around growth as a man for others

CAE services include:

Learning Skills Advising and Instruction
 Assists students with the development of note taking and study skills; time management and goal setting strategies; and general and subject specific learning strategies. 

Research Assistance Services
Offers students one-on-one help with developing research ideas and questions; recommends appropriate print and electronic resources; and provides instruction on possible strategies and techniques for both searching and writing.

Tutoring Services
Consists of a full range of assistance for students who are committed to improving their academic performance.  This includes individual, peer-to-peer and group tutoring services.

Study Center
Operates a study center where student can receive assistance as well as a quiet place where students can study, do homework, read or conduct research.  The study center has computers and a printer for student use.

Study Groups and Exam Review Sessions
Facilitates study group and exam review sessions for students of specific courses upon request in preparation of final exams and also in preparation of standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT.

Collaboration and Partnership
Assists students academically by collaborating and partnering with parents, teachers, counselors and other resources such as the English department’s Writing Center, the Library, and the National Honor Society’s peer tutoring program.

CAE hours for students:

Mondays to Fridays - 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th periods


Mondays to Thursdays - after school

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