Director of Campus Ministry

Mr. Stephen Szolosi

Phone: 202.336.7108

Assistant Director
of Campus Ministry

Mr. Jonathan Ruano

Phone: 202.336.7133

Assistant Director of Campus Ministry

Mr. Donald Green

Phone: 202.336.7110

Administrative Assistant for Campus Ministry Programs

Mrs. Cydney Mulieri

Phone: 202.336.7109

Pastoral Associate

Sr. Carroll Ann Kemp, SNJM

Phone: 202.336.7175


KAIROS, is the culmination of the retreat program.  In a compact  three-and-a-half day retreat, offered to seniors and second semester juniors, retreatants are called to acknowledge God's love and to share that love with others while pondering and meditating on the themes of:  Who am I?, Who is Christ in my life?, What is Christ's message from me?, and How am I going to carry out this mission? 

Students can pick up a roster for a Kairos retreat from outside the campus ministry office. KAIROS Rosters will be posted below as they become available for  the 2016-2017 School Year:

Oct. Kairos Roster      Nov. Kairos Roster     

Jan. Kairos Roster      Feb. Kairos Roster       March Kairos Roster

Final Reminders for Retreat 

Applications for the first Kairos of the year are released immediately in August and the others are made available progressively through the year.  

Please check with the Campus Ministry Office if you are hopeful of getting on a specific retreat in order to ensure that you have the application as early as possible. 

See the Kairos Schedule below to see when the application periods. Seniors are given a temporary priority, so that they are privileged as we build the roster. They should note that Juniors who apply before they do once the application priority period ends fill the roster. Several of the retreats will fill prior to this closing date!!!!


Retreat Dates


Senior Application Priority Ends

Application Period

Oct. 18-21:


Seniors Only

September 30

August 20 – September 30

Nov 15–18:


Mostly Juniors/

Some Seniors

October 4

Sept. 20 – Oct. 28, 2016

Jan 24–27 -

Kairos CXL

Mostly Juniors/

Some Seniors

November 29

Nov 15- Dec 20, 2016

Feb 21-24 -

Kairos CXLI

Mostly Juniors/

Some Seniors

January 31

January 17 – Feb. 3, 2017

March 28-31 -

Kairos CXLII

Mostly Juniors/

Some Seniors

February 21

Feb. 7 – March 3. 2017

Students should identify early in the year, which retreat best suits their academic, extracurricular, and sports calendars by talking with teachers, moderators, and coaches with whom they work.  Space on these retreats is limited.  Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Again, while seniors are given some special consideration, we are unable to accommodate particularly late requests. Please submit your application to the Campus Minsitry Office on the first floor of Dooley Hall as soon as possible.   

If there is a conflict, or if you have any questions please contact one of the following Retreat Coordinators:

Mr. Stephen Szolosi, Director of Campus Ministry,

Mr. Donnie Green,  Assistant Director of Campus Ministry,

Mrs. Cydney Mulieri, Administrative Assistant for Campus Ministry Programs,

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