There will be three mandatory weight room sessions that all returning JVW, JVP and Varsity players must attend during the summer months(before the first day of the 2017-2018 school year.) During these 60-90 minute sessions, we will be focusing on their technique and form of every single exercise that we do during the Sept-Feb offseason workouts. 
To be clear, all players must perform 2-3 reps of each exercise in proper form in front of Coach Yates and Coach Bradley. Coaches will assist the players in whatever adjustments that need to be made with their form and technique. This is for injury prevention sake, but also to ensure that our student athletes are working as efficiently as possible while in the weight room. It's not about working hard as much as it is about working smart.
They must attend three of these sessions. They have the option to attend any of them that are conducive to their summer schedule. They are permitted to double up on the same day if they would like to.  
Below is the schedule for June....
June 11th(Sun)
   -7-830am or
June 12th-15th(Mon-Thu)
   -10am-1130am or
June 24th(Sat)
   -8-930am or
The weight room is also open during the summer Monday-Thursday between 10am-1pm for optional lifts.  





Regular Weekly Schedule begins 1/9 and ends 2/17

  • Monday(210-4pm-Players off 8th Period OR 3-450pm- All other players)

    • 210-3pm CONDITIONING for players off 8th period

    • 3-4pm LIFT w/all players

    • 4-450pm CONDITIONING for everyone with class 8th period


  • Tuesday

    • Off Day


  • Wednesday(7-750am- FR and JVW; 330-645pm JVP and VAR)

    • 7-750am Skills Training- Freshmen and Returning JV White Players in GZ Main Gym

    • 330-645pm Returning JVP and Varsity Players at Nats Academy for Mentoring/Skills Training/Simulated Intrasquads

  • Thursday(210-4pm-Players off 8th Period or 3-5pm- All other players)

    • 210-3pm CONDITIONING for players off 8th period

    • 3-4pm LIFT w/all players

    • 4-450pm CONDITIONING for everyone with class 8th period


  • Friday(7-750am- All Players- 2 Groups)

****Split into two groups(JVP/Varsity and Frosh/JV White)****

  • 7-725(Varsity Group- Skills Training)
  • 7-725(Frosh/JV White- Weight Room)
  • 725-750(switch groups)
  • 750-755(Cleanup/End of Workout)




"Do today what others won't, so tomorrow you can do what others can't."

The Gonzaga Baseball Program holds off-season training sessions in the summer, fall and winter to help prepare our Gonzaga student athletes for the spring baseball season. Our Strength and Conditioning Coach, Milton Yates, is present at these workouts and designs the program best suited for each individual player.

All Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are allowed to participate. All players need to bring their glove, bat(if they have one) and indoor and outdoor clothing for the morning portion of the workouts. They do not need to bring anything for the afternoon portion of the workouts.

The schedule for these training sessions are subject to change. If there are any cancellations or alterations for a particular session, then it will be updated on the home page of the baseball site under "Announcements". 

In the event of a school delay or cancellation due to weather or any other reason, workouts for that morning will be cancelled. If an afternoon workout is cancelled, this announcement will be on our website and facebook page.  





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