Gonzaga Rugby Booster Club

Executive Board Officers

President: Meg Jones

Vice President: John Nalls and Steve Langevin

Secretary: Jen Healy

Treasurer: Ellen Davis

Immediate Past President (ex officio):  Mary Plantamura

Director of Rugby (ex officio): Lee Kelly

Committee/Event Chairs

Tour Treasurer:  Raymond Smith

Immediate Past Tour Treasurer (ex officio):  Mike Plantamura

Team Gear:  Deirdre Lyke

Hospitality:  Lisa Lawrence

Hosting:  Heidi McAuliffe

Jesuit Rugby Classic:  Will Hesse

Registration:  Betsey Royston

Super Bowl Squares:  Scott Davis

Jesuit Rugby Classic:  Kevin Ebel and Dennis Kilcullen

Merchandise:  Angie Kilcullen and Amy Langevin

Team Duffel Sales:  Teresa Flynn


In promoting both national and international competition and recognition, the Gonzaga Rugby Boosters Club will support and assist the Gonzaga College High School rugby program to give its players opportunities on, as well as off, the rugby pitch to demonstrate and foster the Jesuit ideal of being Men for Others.


The mission of the Gonzaga Rugby Boosters Club is to support the program by providing both human and material resources to assist Gonzaga College High School in its efforts to maintain a competitive and recognized program consistent with the mission and ideals of the school.
  • Cultivate a passion for, and commitment to, rugby among Gonzaga College High School students.
  • Support the program in its efforts to give to all students who desire to play, the opportunity to play, by maintaining rugby as a self-cut sport.
  • Support players in gaining access to rugby training and educational opportunities.
  • Maintain and promote sportsmanship and goodwill among players, parents and coaches not only within Gonzaga College High School but with all teams with which Gonzaga College High School competes.
  • Promote the good name of Gonzaga College High School in domestic and international circles and enhance the reputation of the rugby program.
  • Promote the team’s ability to be competitive on a national basis and be recognized as one of the top five high school rugby programs in the United States.
  • Support the coaches in educational and certification opportunities.
  • Increase the overall administrative, managerial and operational effectiveness of the rugby program.
  • Encourage the highest standards of player safety and medical care.

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