Welcome New Players!!

Gonzaga Rugby welcomes the participation of all interested student-athletes. 

Students enrolled in any grade at Gonzaga can join the team.

No rugby experience is necessary.  Rugby requires a variety of skills and physical abilities so there is a position suitable for almost all potential players. 

Our experienced coaches prepare players for competition by instructing them on rugby skills, proper technique and conditioning for safe play, and the rugby tradition of sportsmanship. 

If you are interested in a competitive sport and would like to be part of the Gonzaga winning tradition, Gonzaga Rugby invites you to join us. 

Equipment you will need for rugby - mouthguard and cleats/rugby boots.  Rugby shorts and practice pennies will be issued to you after you register.  

The Links page on the left-hand navigation bar provides a number of useful sites and links for learning more about rugby.

Welcome New Parents!!

Welcome to the Gonzaga Rugby Family!  We look forward to an exciting and challenging season. One of the most important keys to our succes on and off the field is the support and partnership we have with the families of both the current players and alums. We want to give you some basic information about the program, what you can expect, and what you can do to help. 

The overall ethos of the program is to ensure that all our players can play rugby in a safe and enjoyable environment.  To do this we have put in place a number of policies and procedures to ensure that we achieve this, including a confidence in contact program that all players must complete at the start of every season.  This program will teach your son how to safely play rugby.  Coaches will always do their best to ensure that your son learns how to play the game safely and will always put your son's health and well-being first.  They will not put your son in a situaiton where he is not prepared to play or may suffer injury.

Rugby at Gonzaga is a 'self-cut' sport.  This means that no player will get cut for ability However, players may be dropped from the program due to lack of commitment and communication; poor acaedmic performance; or for disciplinary issues.  Because we want all of the players to be able to play in games, it is critical that absences are kept to a minimum as missing practices will cause your son to fall behind just like in his classes, which may put your son in a situation where they are not prepared to play. The coaches understand there are times when absences are unavoidable and in these cases your son should communicate his absence to his coaches as soon as he can.


Parent-Coach Partnership:

1.  Make early, positive contact with the coach - as soon as you know who your son's coach is going to be, contact the coach to introduce yourself.

2.  Fill the coach's emotional tank - when the coach is doing something you like, let the coach know.

3.  Don't give instructions during a game or practice - we welcome all of our parents to attend both practices and games as an observer and a supporter, not as a coach.

4.  Appropriate concerns to talk with your son's coach:  

  • Ways to help your son improve

  • Concerns about your son's academics, behavior or well-being

  • Mental or physical treatment of your son 

5.  Not appropriate topic of discussion with your son's coach:

  • Playing time

  • Other players 

6.  Honor the game - remember parents also represent Gonzaga.  Recognize that your son living as a Man for Others, his and the team's positive experiences, and good sportsmanship are more important than victories.  

Parent involvement  is vital to the success of our program.  You can help in a number of ways.  If you would like to be involved please let the coaching staff or Boosters know you would be interested in helping during the season. Welcome to the Gonzaga Rugby family!!

Here is a video of the 2014 Mother's Day dedication to our Gonzaga Rugby moms!!

(made by Mary Rippert mother of Jimmy '11, Tommy '14)

 Gonzaga Rugby Teams:

Gonzaga Rugby runs four teams meaning there is a team for every player - from the most experienced to the the player who is touching a rugby ball for the first time.  In addition, players may move up and down teams depending on their development, performance, and team needs.

Varsity Purple - this is the top team at Gonzaga and consists of those student-athletes who are committed to competing for a national championship.  Players of any grade (freshman to seniors) depending on skill level may be on this team.

Varsity Black - this is the developmental varsity team for Gonzaga Rugby.  Players of any grade (freshman to seniors) depending on skill level may be on this team.

Junior Varsity (JV) - JV consists of juniors and sophomores, and occassionally freshman players may be called up to play with the JV.  The primary goal of the JV team is to prepare players for eventual varsity play.

Freshman - The goal of the Freshman team is to introduce players to rugby so that they can play the game safely and with joy.  The success of the freshman team is not based on wins and losses but on how much enjoyment the players have and how many players return to play as sophomores.


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