In the spring of 1995, the first Gonzaga Crew put two "pre-owned" eight-man shells on the Anacostia River and raced in four events. Setting a standard for future Eagle crews, the Freshman 8 and 3rd 8 finished first and the Novice 8 and 4th 8 placed third. With this impressive start, Gonzaga was initiated into the sport of rowing and became one of only nine Jesuit high schools in the country to establish a rowing program. The foundation for this competitive team was laid in early 1994 when a group of interested students lead by Junior Matt Weeden approached Kevin Harris – Gonzaga history teacher, rower and local crew coach for help in establishing a rowing program at Gonzaga.

The Weeden family had recently moved to Arlington, VA from Philadelphia, PA where Matt had attended St. Joseph's Preparatory School. Although Matt had not rowed for the prestigious Prep crew program, he was an experienced sculler. Matt's exposure to the sport at Prep and the success of his sister, Kate Weeden, on the Yorktown Crew (coached by Kevin Harris) motivated him to pursue a crew program at Gonzaga. This lucky confluence of motivated students, an experienced and enthusiastic teacher/mentor, and an explosion of interest in high school rowing in the Washington Metropolitan area resulted in Gonzaga Crew.

Crew at Gonzaga owes its great start to the guidance and sheer hard work of Kevin Harris and the commitment and dedication of its charter rowers and parents. During the twelve months preceding that first regatta on the Anacostia, Kevin Harris submitted a rowing program proposal to the school administration, borrowed training and rowing equipment and persuaded Derek Parsons and George Kirschbaum to conduct a two-week introductory rowing course during the summer for the fledgling crew. Unsuspecting parents, attending a backyard luncheon to hear a presentation by Kevin Harris about crew, formed the first board of Gonzaga Crew Boosters that afternoon and enthusiastically embarked on the organizational and fundraising groundwork that made Gonzaga Crew a reality in 1995.

Successful fundraising efforts resulted in the acquisition of two used racing shells: the Exorcist and the George Preston Marshall. Mr. Kirschbaum was hired as Head Coach and Eric Edmonds became Assistant Coach. By the Spring 1995 Regatta season, Gonzaga Crew consisted of 47 competitive novice rowers and Gonzaga added a new team to its tradition of excellence and achievement in sports.



1995 Founded by Kevin Harris
George Kirschbaum, Head Coach
Eric Edmonds, Assistant Coach

Gonzaga Crew begins competition as a novice rowing program out of Thompson Boat Center (TBC) on the Potomac River. Senior Matthew Weeden is named Washington Post All-Met Honorable Mention.

1996 George Kirschbaum, Head Coach 
Teresa Spillane, Assistant Coach 
Al Thompson, Booster President

Crew acquires another 8   the "Joe Kozik." Gonzaga extends its winning tradition to the water.  The Varsity Lightweight 8 places third in the Northern Virginia Championships, fourth at the prestigious Stotesbury Cup Regatta ("Stotesbury") in Philadelphia and fifth at the Scholastic Rowing Association National Championship (the "Nationals").

1997 George Kirschbaum, Head Coach 
Eric Edmonds, Assistant Coach
Ann and Ted Gerarden, Booster Co-Presidents

Gonzaga CrewNow accorded veteran status, Gonzaga Crew competes against well-established, experienced rowing programs. Another 8 is added to the fleet   the "Adamas." Indicating just how far the rowing program has come by its third season, Crew now owns three 8s, four sets of oars, two launches, Cox-Boxes, ergometers and assorted other training equipment necessary to support the developing program. A sure sign of its veteran status, Crew receives a designated work-out room at school. Junior Mike Bonnit is an All-Met Honorable Mention.

1998 George Kirschbaum, Head Coach 
Eric Edmonds and Jen Severidt, Assistant Coaches 
Sharon and Jay Bonitt, Booster Co-Presidents

Crew acquires another shell, a racing 8 christened the "Die Macht 8." The Freshman 8 competes at Stotesbury and the Nationals. Senior Mike Bonnit is the first Gonzaga oarsman named to the All-Met first team. Charlie Gans and Sean Holman are All-Met Honorable Mentions.

1999 Dave Foley, Head Coach 
Brendan O'Malley, Assistant Coach 
Lynn Berry and John Pelkey, Booster Co-Presidents

The generous gift of Gonzaga alumnus Richard Loftus ('56) funds the purchase of a four-man shell - the "Captain Casten." Under the direction of new head coach Dave Foley, Gonzaga Crew sets a new competitive standard. Crew enters five boats in the National Capital Area Scholastic Rowing Championships (the "NCASRA Championships"). Four boats compete at Stotesbury and the Nationals. At the NCASRA Championships, the Varsity 8 finishes third, winning bronze. The Varsity 4, the 2nd 8 and 3rd 8 each place second, winning silver. The Freshman 8 makes team history by advancing to the semi-finals at the Nationals.

2000 Dave Foley, Head Coach 
Dan "Killer" Kilpatrick, Eric Leeder and Jen Severidt, Assistant Coaches 
Lynn Berry and John Pelkey, Booster Co-Presidents

Crew builds on its impressive 1999 season. At the NCASRA Championships, the Lightweight 4, Freshman 8, 3rd 8 and 4th 8 each capture first. The Varsity 8 and 2nd 8 finish second. The Freshman 8 continues its tradition of post-season success, placing fifth at Stotesbury.

2001 Dave Foley, Head Coach 
Eric Leeder and Casey Lingan '96, Assistant Coaches 
John Beattie (Fall), John Pfeiffer (Spring),  Booster Presidents

Gonzaga CrewA new 8, the "Doctor C," is added to the fleet. During the regular season, most Gonzaga boats place first, second or third. This competitive surge continues in the post-season as the Lightweight 4, Varsity 8 and 2nd 8 all advance to the semi-finals at Stotesbury. The hopes of the Freshman 8 to continue its strong showing at Stotesbury are dashed when a pre-race collision at the starting line prevents the boat from competing. At the Nationals, all Gonzaga boats advance to the semi-finals. Junior Marty Gehrke is an All-Met Honorable Mention.

2002 Dave Foley, Head Coach 
Melissa Conradi, Assistant Coach 
Pat McCloskey, Freshman Coach 
John Pfeiffer,  Booster President

Gonzaga CrewGonzaga Crew enjoys a sensational season. A new Vespoli M2 joins the fleet. The new 8 is christened the "Joe Curseen, Jr. '72" in honor of a Gonzaga alumnus who died of inhalation anthrax contracted from letters addressed to the Senate Office building after the September 11 attacks. The Freshman 8 finishes first in the Anacostia Classic   the area championship for lower boats. At the NCASRA Championships, the Varsity 8 places third. The 2nd 8 finishes first. The Lightweight 4 finishes second to capture the silver medal.<!--[endif]-->

The powerful 2nd 8 makes team history, recording an undefeated season and winning the bronze medal at Stotesbury. At the Nationals, the 2nd 8 caps its remarkable season by finishing fourth.  In recognition of the tremendous growth of the Gonzaga rowing program, The Washington Post awards Dave Foley "Coach of the Year" and names the 2nd 8 "Best Boat." Senior Marty Gehrke is the second Gonzaga oarsman to be named to the All-Met first team.

2003 Dave Foley, Head Coach 
Tom Spooner, Assistant Coach 
Denise Kersten, Freshman Coach 
Keith Roussil '97, Assistant Coach 
German Paraud, Booster President

In another outstanding season, Gonzaga Crew records seventeen (17) first place finishes in the regular season and wins the 2003 NCASRA Mens' Team Trophy.

The Varsity 8 places first at the Charlie Butt Regatta, the Mayor's Challenge and the Darrell Winslow Regatta.

A new Vespoli M2 (temporarily named "The Sully" by the crew to honor their manager, Ryan Sullivan) arrives in time to be raced at Stotesbury, where the Varsity 8 makes team history by advancing to the finals.

The 2nd 8 delivers another amazing performance   an undefeated season, National Capitol Champions, NCASRA Champions and the silver medal at Stotesbury. At the Nationals, in a heart-stopping battle for silver, Prep, Chaminade and Gonzaga all cross the finish line within seven-tenths of a second. Upon videotape review, judges place the 2nd 8 fourth. The Washington Post again names the 2nd 8 "Best Boat."

Significant changes mark the 2003 season. Anticipating the construction of the Swedish Embassy on the compound where the high school shells are kept, Crew Boosters begin efforts to move Gonzaga Crew out of TBC. Gonzaga Crew becomes an Associate Member of the Anacostia Community Boathouse Association (ACBA) and relocates to its new boathouse on the Anacostia.  Months later, TBC announces that the high school compound will be permanently closed in February 2004. After five impressive years of growth and accomplishment, Dave Foley leaves Gonzaga Crew to pursue an MBA at the University of Michigan. Tom Spooner succeeds as head coach. Senior Eric Gehrke is the third Gonzaga oarsman to be named to the All-Met first team.  Paul Hamm and Neal Sonnenberg are All-Met Honorable Mentions.

2004 Tom Spooner, Head Coach
Kevin O'Connor, Freshman Coach
Jonathan Kidwell, Assistant Coach 
Bob Brown, Booster President

The season begins with the christening of three shells: the Rev. Allen P. Novotny, S.J., a new Filippi eight, the Brother Jon V. King (formerly known as the Sully), the Matthew Weeden ‘95, a new Filippi four.

In a highly competitive season, Gonzaga Crew wins the Men's Team Trophies for the NCC and NCASRA Championships. At the NCC, the Senior 4, Junior 4 and Second 8 place first, the Varsity 8 and Third 8 place second and the Novice 8 places third. At the NCASRA Championship, the Second 4 and Second 8 win gold and the First 4 wins bronze. The Second 8 and JV 8 make the finals at Stotesbury. For the third consecutive season the Second 8 medals, bringing home a bronze medal. Gonzaga Crew raises the bar again as the Varsity 4 and JV 4 make history by winning bronze medals at the Nationals in Orlando.

Seniors Bobby Brown and Sean Riordan are the fourth and fifth Gonzaga oarsmen to be named to the All-Met first team. Andrew Killion, JT McGrath and Wally Sedgewick are All-Met Honorable Mentions.

2005 Tom Spooner, Head Coach
Kevin O’Connor, Freshman Coach
Jonathan Kidwell, Sean Riordan & Scott Gorman, S.J., Assistant Coaches
Mike Stack, Booster President

The 2004-05 season marks an important transition for Gonzaga Crew. The coaches, with the support of the Gonzaga athletic department and the Gonzaga Crew Boosters, embark on a strategy to make Gonzaga Crew more competitive with the top teams throughout the northeast. As part of this strategy, Gonzaga Crew begins a fall rowing program that includes several races to help rowers improve their rowing technique and physical stamina. Gonzaga Crew’s performance in the fall exceeds all expectations, winning the Occoquan Chase and placing 15th in the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston against some of the top teams from throughout the world.

However, despite Gonzaga's reputation as a top-notch competitor, the National Capitol Area Scholastic Rowing Association (NCASRA) Crew Council objects to Gonzaga's fall rowing, saying it is not consistent with NCASRA rules, and sanctions Gonzaga from participating in any NCASRA-sponsored events in the spring of 2005. The penalty is harsh and unfair since many Virginia rowers participate in fall rowing programs on an individual, club, or school basis. Rather than capitulate to NCASRA, Gonzaga Crew resigns from NCASRA to pursue a schedule as an independent team.  In a gesture consistent with the forthright spirit of Gonzaga Crew, a shore wall in Georgetown is painted in purple with the words, "Sanction Us."

Gonzaga Crew enters the brave new world as an independent team with confidence and emerges with impressive results. Gonzaga boats sweep dual meets against Wilson, Bethesda- Chevy Chase and St. Albans. The boys row well against some of the top teams on the east coast in an invitation-only regatta at St. Andrews.

For the first time, Gonzaga Crew rows in the Northeast Junior Regional Championships, with the Second 8, Third 8 and the Second Freshman 8 winning gold medals.

At Stotesbury Cup, the Gonzaga Second 8 wins the silver medal while the Varsity 8, Third 8 and Freshmen 8 reach the semi-finals. At the Scholastic Rowing Association of America National Championships, the Varsity 8, Second 8 and Freshman 8 reach the semi-finals with the Second 8 reaching the finals.

Senior Co-Captain Michael (Packey) Stack and Sophomore Carl Thunman are named to the Washington Post’s first All-Met team. The Gonzaga Second 8 is named by the Post as the best second 8 in the region.   Packey Stack also received the Kevin Harris Award.

With each passing year, our Gonzaga oarsmen continue to match their athletic accomplishment with academic success. In the finest tradition of our Gonzaga scholar-athletes, Senior Co-Captain Ty Newell is named salutatorian for Gonzaga's Graduating Class of 2005.

2006 Tom Spooner, Head Coach 
Jenn Bradley, Assistant Coach
John Linnehan '01, Freshman Coach 
Jack Pfeiffer '02, Assistant Freshman Coach 
Ken Eggleston, Booster President

2006 was another highly competitive year for the Eagles.  The team began by welcoming new faces on the coaching staff.  In his third season as head coach, Tom Spooner welcomed assistant Coach Jenn Bradley, freshman coach John Linnehan ’01 and freshman assistant Jack Pfeiffer ’02.  The varsity team continued to enjoy the benefits as an independent program, and thrived at the championship regattas.

After a slow start to the racing season, the varsity Eight made key changes to its lineup and found success towards the end of the season.  The boat finished in the top six in time trials at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, and missed the final by only 2 seconds in its semi-final.  The  2nd Eight showed speed throughout the entire season, culminating in a first place finish at the Northeast Regional, a fifth place finish at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, and a sixth place finish as SRA Nationals.

In other news, the team acquired a new racing shell, a Fillipi 8 to be christened the LCDR Erik S. Kristensen ’90 in September ’07.  Individually, Carl Thunman was named first team All-Met for the second consecutive year and competed for the United States in the World Junior Rowing Championships in Amsterdam.  Former coxswain and current rower Will Minor received the Kevin Harris Award.

2007 Tom Spooner, Head Coach 
John Linnehan '01, Freshman Coach 
Jenn Bradley and Jesse Burns, Assistant Coaches
Terry Ethridge, Booster President

The 2006-7 season began in the fall with the christening of the team’s newest Filippi 8, the LCDR Erik S. Kristensen ‘90, an event attended by members of Navy Crew, Erik’s parents and friends, the Gonzaga team, and many others.  In the fall season, Gonzaga competed at the Occoquan Chase, the Head of the Charles (finishing 51/80), and the Head of the Occoquan finishing 4th in the 8+ and 1st in the 4+.  With an exciting start to the year, the Eagles once again began winter training atop Kohlman Hall in anticipation for the spring season.  The team also acquired an additional erg room in the basement of Kohlman Hall, and purchased of eight new ergometers.

Gonzaga had a great showing at the '07 Mid-Atlantic Erg Sprints in February.  Captains Colin Ethridge and Carl Thunman took home gold medals in their events (Junior Ltwt Men 2000 (Age 17-19) and Junior Men 2000 (age 18)), and many boys erged their personal bests.

The spring racing season started with a bang in Philadelphia at the first Manny Flick with the Varsity and 2V finishing first in their races and the Junior 8 finishing 3rd against some strong early season competition.  The following week was a dual against BCC and Dematha, and Wilson the week after with significant defeats in all races.  Against BCC and Dematha, the 1V and 2V won their races with the Junior 8 defeating BCC’s 2V.  The 1F also won and the 2F overcame BCC’s 1F.  Against Wilson, the 1V, 2V, 1F, and 4+ all won their races, with the Junior 8 losing the BCC’s 2V and the 2F losing to Wilson’s 1F.

The first real test, however, for the so far successful crews came the next week at St. Andrews’ Invitational.  The Varsity defeated for the first time St. Joes Prep, coming in 2nd in the race to future Stotes champs Thomas Jefferson (TJ).  The 2nd Varsity finished 5th in a tight race for 3rd, while the Junior 8 won their race against very tough competition.  The freshman placed 3rd against two Prep boats, while the second freshman placed 2nd.

The following week was the newly named David P. Foley Cup (formerly the God Cup) against St. Albans, with the anonymous Gonzaga donation of a cup named after former Head Coach Dave Foley.  The 2nd Varsity defeated St. Albans’s 2V, with the Gonzaga Junior 8 coming in only a second behind STA’s 2V.  The Freshman lost a tight race by only a second while the 4+ defeated STA by several.  The Varsity lost in a very exciting race.  Neck and neck until the 750, STA pulled of an enormous lead gaining almost a boat.  Gonzaga fought back and in the sprint came back several seats, eventually only losing the race by 3 seats, 1.3 seconds.  Mrs. Sam Kristensen, mother of Erik (for whom our 1V boat is named) rode along the 1V race in the launch.  Also, a learn-to-row was held after the race, proceeds which went to benefit the Gonzaga Gala.

With several weeks off, the crew began three weeks of training prior to Stotesbury.  At Stotes, the 1F placed 17th in trials and 6th in their Semi-final.  The Junior 8 placed 10th in trials and got 4th in their Semi against schools that prioritize their Junior 8 before their 2V.  The 2V got  8th in trials and also got 4th in their Semi in a tough race.  The Varsity got 9th in trials and was placed in a difficult Semi with Prep, Chaminade, and Mainland, also getting 4th.  With somewhat disappointing results, the crews looked on to the following week to finish some unsettled business.

At SRA Nationals in Camden, NJ, the Eagles were back.  The freshman had an unfortunate end to their season, finishing 6th but beating Mainland.  The Junior 8 finished 4th in a tough heat with Prep, and the 2V finished 3rd, just out of qualifying, in a very good race against Winter Park (2V champs) and New Trier (mid-west champs) but defeating Ocean City.  The Varsity finished 2nd in their heat, putting them in a repechage against St. Andrews and Ocean City in which they got 1st.  In the Semi against Prep, Greenwich and St. Albans, the Varsity finished 3rd defeating St. Albans by a second and behind Greenwich by .8, just out of qualifying.  In the petite final they finished second to St. Albans, but ahead of Chaminade who had beaten them the previous week, as well as St. Johns (who crashed into them at the Charles), New Trier, and Florida crew Belen Jesuit.

Senior Carl Thunman was named to the Washington Post All Met team, and Dan Gallagher (Sr.) and James Stewart (Jr.) received All Met Honorable Mention.  Senior coxswain Dan Albornoz was Senior Class Salutatorian, and Dan Gallagher received the Kevin Harris Award at the Crew Banquet.

2008 Tom Spooner, Head Coach 
John Linnehan '01, Freshman Coach 
Jenn Bradley, Jesse Burns, Ryan Sullivan ’03, Assistant Coaches
Karen Stewart, Booster President

The 2007-2008 rowing year opens in typical fashion: erging, running, jumpies, more erging, running, jumpies.  All that joy is followed by a successful Head of the Occoquan regatta, a large contingent of freshman/novice rowers, generally good rowing weather and the commissioning of two new double/pair training boats (the Donna Mae Hummel and the Susan & John Sedgewick).

Shortly after fall racing concludes, however, Head Coach Tom Spooner announces that he will be resigning at the conclusion of the spring racing season to attend to the needs of his growing family.  This announcement marks an emotional commencement to what will turn out to be an eventful and successful year for the team, with Gonzaga Crew winning back the Foley Cup, winning the inaugural Washington Metropolitan Interscholastic Rowing Association (WMIRA) Championship (the Gonzaga 1V, 2V, 3V and V4 all win their events), performing well at the Stotesbury Regatta (both the 1V and 3V finish 6th in their time trial, four Gonzaga 8s make the semi-finals and the 2V makes the Finals) and Scholastic Nationals in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (the Gonzaga 1V wins the Petite Final from Lane 1 in a race that includes two other crews from the Washington metro area, TJ and Yorktown, while the Gonzaga 2V finishes 5th in the Grand Final and is the only Washington area boat in the Grand Final).  In addition, The Washington Postselects the 1V and the 2V as the “Best Boats” (this was the first time a Gonzaga 1V was ever named best first boat by the Post), Senior James Stewart is named First Team All-Met, Senior Nico Dodd and Junior Richard Johnston are named Honorable Mention All-Met, and Coach Spooner is named Men’s “Coach of the Year.”  Killian O’Brien is awarded the Kevin Harris Award, in recognition of his determination and sportsmanship.

At the conclusion of the spring season, the appointment of Marc Mandel as the new Head Coach of the Gonzaga Crew is announced.  Marc was the Men’s Heavyweight Freshman Coach at Georgetown University for the past three years and, prior to that, was the Men’s Head Coach at Florida Institute of Technology for four years.  Coach Mandel is introduced to the team at the Crew Banquet at the conclusion of the season.  The Banquet is well-attended by current and alumni rowers and parents, not only to welcome Coach Mandel, but also to pay tribute to Coach Spooner and to departing Freshman/Novice Coach John Linnehan ’01, who had announced near the end of the season that he would leave coaching to begin a Masters Program in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.  Both these Coaches have spent countless hours on the water, on the road, and in preparation to help Gonzaga Crew fulfill its promise, for which the team will be forever grateful.

2009 Marc Mandel,  Head Coach 
Eric Gehrke '03, Freshman Coach 
Aliyah Snyder, Bobby Brown '04, Andrew Killion '04, Assistant Coaches
Kathy and Pete Prominski, Booster Co-Presidents

Gonzaga Crew had a historic year in 2009.  The Crew year began with a new coaching staff, with Marc Mandel joining as Head Coach of the Varsity Crew and Aliyah Snyder as Assistant Varsity Coach.  Each member of the new Freshman Coaching Staff was now a Gonzaga Crew alumnus, led by Head Coach Eric Gerhke, a 2003 All-Met rower, and Assistant Coaches Bobby Brown, a 2004 All-Met coxswain, and Andrew Killion, a 2004 All-Met Honorable Mention rower.

The entire Crew raced great in its first spring regatta with DeMatha and Bethesda-Chevy Chase, with a Gonzaga boat winning every race.  The next day, the team and the Gonzaga community gathered to christen two new boats (a Resolute Eight named in honor of Sr. Seton Cunneen, which became the 1V boat, and a new Wintech pair, named in honor of former Head Coach Tom Spooner, a strong proponent of the benefits of training in smaller boats), as well as a pair of wakeless launches named for Karen Stewart and Pete Liashek, both of whom contributed countless hours to Gonzaga Crew.

Gonzaga repeated as the Foley Cup Champions and won the 1V, 2V, 3V, V4 and 1F events.  Two weeks later, at the WMIRA Championships, Gonzaga placed first in the 1V, 2V, 3V, 1F and 2F events and won the Boys’ Team Trophy for the second consecutive year.

In Philadelphia in mid-May, Gonzaga Crew had its best performance ever at the Stotesbury Cup. The First Varsity Eight won the Silver Medal in the Senior Eight Final, becoming the first Gonzaga 1V to medal in this event. The First Freshman Eight won the Bronze Medal in the Freshman Eight event, becoming the first Gonzaga freshmanboat to medal at Stotesbury. Other Gonzaga boats also performed well, with the 2V missing a spot in the Second Varsity Final by just more than one second and the 3V reaching the semi-finals. Adding to the excitement was the fact that so many former coaches and alumni rowers traveled to Philadelphia for the Saturday races to witness the success of the Gonzaga Crew program.

One week later, it was on to Nationals at Mercer Lake in New Jersey. The First Varsity Eight won the National Championship, finishing 1st in its qualifier, 1st in its semi-final heat and 1st in the Men’s Senior Eight Grand Final. The 2V finished second in its qualifier, third in its semi-final heat and sixth in the Second Eight Final, the only DC area boat in the Second Eight Final. The Freshmen again raced great, finishing 3rd in their qualifier, but missed a spot in the Final by less than 1 second in a barnburner semi-final. The Senior Eight Final was witnessed by another throng of Gonzaga alumni and friends who had made the drive to Mercer Lake; they were rewarded for their efforts. The Gonzaga cheering section, led by the boys in the other Gonzaga boats, was deafening. Another exhilarating celebration.

At the annual Crew Banquet just days after the SRAA Nationals, it was announced that the Varsity Eight would enter the Henley Royal Regatta in England. With much effort and tremendous support from the Gonzaga Crew community, sufficient funds were raised to cover the cost of the trip.  The First Varsity eight, two spares and Coaches Mandel and Snyder made the trip to Henley, won Gonzaga’s inaugural race at Henley, but were unable to advance further in the Princess Elizabeth Cup competition.  The trip was another step in the growth of the Gonzaga Rowing program and a memorable experience for each athlete and the coaches, racing overseas in a premier international regatta, in a completely different format (head-to-head racing) over a 2,112 meter course.

The Washington Post selected the 1V as the “Best Boat” in the Washington metropolitan area.  Senior Richard Johnston was named a First Team “All-Met” athlete, Seniors Johannes Schmidt and Greg Beckwith were named Honorable Mention “All-Met” athletes.  Richard Johnston was awarded the Kevin Harris Award at the Crew Banquet in recognition of his sportsmanship and teamwork and Greg Beckwith was awarded the inaugural “Most Improved Rower” award.

2010 Marc Mandel,  Head Coach 
Eric Gehrke '03, Freshman Coach 
Paul Hamm '03, Bobby Brown '04, Tom Cosgrove '05 Assistant Varsity Coaches
Andrew Killion '04, Matt Lavin, Assistant Freshman Coaches
Deb and Bill Leahy, Booster Co-Presidents

Gonzaga Crew had another successful Spring racing season, but faced stiff competition at both the local and national levels. In local racing, Gonzaga dominated the early races against DeMatha, B-CC, Wilson and Westfield. The Crew traveled to Philly to participate in a Manny Flick, where the 1V, 2V and LW4 won their heats. At St. Andrew’s, there was strong racing against tough competition from St. Joe’s Prep, Kent, TJ and St. Andrew’s. The following week, Gonzaga participated in the Charlie Butt Regatta on the Potomac, which this year saw the Foley Cup run within that Regatta. A fast St. Alban’s crew took the 2010 Foley Cup, despite a strong race by Gonzaga (St. Alban’s and Gonzaga finished 1-2 in the Charlie Butt Varsity Eight and Freshman Eight events and the Gonzaga Junior 8 and 3V won their events).

At WMIRAs, Gonzaga repeated again as winner of the Graves Trophy as the top Men’s Crew. The Gonzaga V8, JV8, N8, V4 and JV4 all won their events and the 1F was denied a win only because of the suspension of racing during the original May 8 WMIRA Championship Regatta because of high winds and subsequent cancellation of the Freshman race).  The Crew also rowed well at both the Stotesbury Regatta (where the 1V finished 4th in its time trial, but was unable to advance out of what was the fastest semi-final race; the 2V finished 3rd in its time trial and raced in the Final, finishing 5th; a total of four Gonzaga 8s, including the 1F, made semis) and Scholastic Nationals in Saratoga Springs, New York (the 2V won the Bronze Medal in the Second Varsity Eight event, the 1V won the Petite Final in the Senior Eight Event, and the Junior Eight and Lightweight Four boats made semis). 

Senior Joe Hanlon was named a Washington Post First Team “All-Met” athlete and Seniors Matt Grandchamp and Matt Weider were named Honorable Mention “All-Met” athletes. The Lightweight Four was named a Washington Post “Best Boat”. Chris Williams was the recipient of the 2010 Kevin Harris Award and Matt Grandchamp and Dylan Reilly were selected by the Coaches as the Most Improved Rowers of the 2010 Gonzaga Crew.

2011 Marc Mandel,  Head Coach 
Bobby Brown '04, Freshman Coach 
Paul Hamm '03, Tom Cosgrove '05, Assistant Coaches
Matt Lavin, Assistant Freshman Coach
Tom and Claudia Daley, Booster Co-Presidents


2012 Marc Mandel,  Head Coach 
Bobby Brown '04, Freshman Coach 

Paul Hamm '03, Tom Cosgrove '05, Assistant Coaches
Wally Sedgewick '04, Assistant Freshman Coach
Chris and Karen McGee, Booster Co-Presidents

2012 was a break-out year for Gonzaga Crew. The First Varsity Eight finished its domestic season undefeated, winning the Stotesbury Cup, the Scholastic Rowing Association of America (S.R.A.A.) and Washington Metropolitan Championships.  This crew traveled to England to compete at the Henley Royal Regatta in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup.  Gonzaga advanced to the quarterfinals, ultimately losing to Abingdon School, the eventual winners.  

The Second Varsity Eight nearly matched the historic run of the first eight, earning gold at the S.R.A.A. Championships, silver at the Stotesbury Cup, and gold at the W.M.I.R.A. Championships.   Not to be outdone, the Third Varsity 8 made the final at Stotesbury and won its event at W.M.I.R.A.   Finally, the Freshman 8 earned a bronze at Stotesbury, made the final at the S.R.A.A. Championships for the first time in program history and won the W.M.I.R.A. Championship.  

2013 Marc Mandel,  Head Coach 
Bobby Brown '04, Freshman Coach 

Paul Hamm '03, Tom Cosgrove '05, Assistant Coaches
Wally Sedgewick '04, Assistant Freshman Coach
Pete and Amy White, Booster Co-Presidents

In 2013, Gonzaga Crew proved once again it was one of the fastest high-school rowing programs in the country. Building off of last year's success, the Eagles did not miss a beat, finishing the regular season undefeated in the First and Second Varsity Eights. After an open-water sweep of the eight-oared events at W.M.I.R.A.'s, the program turned its attention to its most important regatta of the season -- the Stotesbury Cup in Philadelphia. It was a historic day for the team: the Varsity Eight retained the Stotesbury Cup, the Second Varsity Eight won its event to bring home the "Hammer Trophy", the Junior Varsity Eight earned a bronze, and the 4th Varsity Eight finished 5th in the Varsity Lightweight Eight event. At the Scholastic Rowing Association Championships the following weekend, the Varsity Eight saw its two-year-domestic win streak come to a dramatic end in the finals in difficult conditions.

2014 Marc Mandel,  Head Coach 
Bobby Brown '04, Freshman Coach 
Paul Hamm '03, EJ McCarthy '07, Assistant Coaches
Tom Cosgrove '05, Assistant Freshman Coach
Wendy and Joe Allan, Booster Co-Presidents

2014 was another successful year for Gonzaga Crew.  The program swept the eight-oared events at the W.M.I.R.A. Championships.  At the Stotesbury Cup Regatta in Philadelphia, Gonzaga repeated as Senior Varsity 8 Champions for the third straight year, won the Second 8 event for the second year in a row, and earned bronze in the Lightweight Varsity Eight event.  The next weekend at the Scholastic Rowing Association of America (S.R.A.A.) Championships, the program won the Varsity 8 for the third time in the past six years.  The Second and Lightweight Varsity Eights also performed well at the S.R.A.A.s, finishing second and fourth, respectively.  Finally, Gonzaga capped off its season by winning the Varsity 8 at the inaugural National Schools' Championship Regatta in Saratoga Springs, NY.

2015 Marc Mandel,  Head Coach 
Tom Cosgrove'05, Freshman Coach 
Bobby Brown '04, EJ McCarthy '07, Assistant Coaches
Tom Daley, Pat Daley '11, Andrew Oestreich, Assistant Freshman Coaches
Ann and Marty Gaffey, Booster Co-Presidents

In 2015 Gonzaga Crew added to its growing resume of championships.  The program repeated as W.M.I.R.A. Champions, winning 4 out of the 5 eight-oared events.  The varsity eight won the Stotesbury Cup for the fourth straight year, the first team to accomplish this feat in over 50 years.  The second eight earned silver at the Stotesbury Cup.  At the Scholastic Rowing Association of America Championships (S.R.A.A.), Gonzaga won the varsity eight for the second straight year, the program's 4th victory in this event over the past seven years.  The second eight also won the its event at S.R.A.A. Championships in a photo finish.  Finally, during July the varsity eight raced at the Henley Royal Regatta in England, where it advanced to the semi-finals, a best-ever finish for Gonzaga. 

2016 Marc Mandel,  Head Coach 
Tom Cosgrove'05, Freshman Coach 
Bobby Brown '04, EJ McCarthy '07, Assistant Coaches
Tom Daley, Pat Daley '11, Jorge Galindo '11 Andrew Oestreich, Assistant Freshman Coaches
Wendy and Bob Boehm, Booster Co-Presidents

2016 was another banner year for Gonzaga Crew.  Locally, the team repeated as W.M.I.R.A. Champions for the 5th consecutive year.  In Philadelphia, the Eagle Varsity Eight won the Stotesbury Cup for the fifth straight year, becoming only the third program in the event's 89-year history to win the cup five years in a row, and the first since 1941.  Additionally, the second eight and junior eight each earned silver at the Stotesbury Cup.  At the USRowing Mid-Atlantic Regionals, the Varsity eight won its event and the Varsity four finished third, both qualifying for the Youth National Championships. At Youth Nationals in June, the Varsity Eight finished in 5th place in the A final, the highest placing scholastic crew in the event.  The Varsity 4+ finished in 2nd place in the C final.


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