All students at Gonzaga are required to bring a web-enabled device to school every day.

BYOD is an opportunity for students to help shape their educational experiences. Acceptable devices include Android tablets, Apple Macbooks and iPads, Chromebooks, Linux laptops and tablets, and Windows laptops and tablets. Any device running Windows RT or Amazon’s Kindle Fire OS and secondary devices such as smartphones, eReaders, portable video game systems, or media players are not included in Gonzaga’s BYOD program and will not be acceptable as a primary device.

The following requirements represent a minimum standard. Most new laptops and tablets sold today meet these requirements, with few exceptions. Each student must bring a device that:

  • Connects to a wireless network (WiFi). Verify with a salesperson that the device supports 802.I I G or 802.I I N networks; devices that list the new 802.I I AC connection are acceptable as long as it supports the G or N network.
  • Records both audio and video. (Students will also bring either earbuds, headphones, or a headset.)
  • Has a minimum battery life of six hours.
  • Has a minimum screen size of 8.9”.
  • Has a physical keyboard, either built into the device or as an external Bluetooth keyboard.

Also, every student should have broadband Internet access outside of school, either through WiFi or a physical connection, to complete homework assignments. This access can be at home, in a relative’s house, or in a public location such as a library or coffee shop. Gonzaga provides computer lab access from 7:30 AM until 4:00 PM on school days, and WiFi is available constantly. Families with financial difficulties should investigate if they’re eligible for the Internet Essentials program ($10/month).

In addition, Gonzaga strongly recommends that:

  • Each student has a protective case or padded bag for their device. (Take time to pick a good case, focusing on corner protection for tablets.)
  • Each family invests in an extended warranty and a breakage warranty for the device.

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