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Thank you to all of the parents for all you do to help the show.  If you are looking for areas in which you can help, we have the following groups for which we need the most assistance.  Please give what you can, and thank you for all that you do give.


Dinners:  Joe and Lorna McMahon - coordinators.  Parents in groups of 4 or 5 provide  dinners during Tech Week and breakfast/lunch during the Saturday rehearsals in late October/early November.  The most popular sign up, but also the one that needs the most help.  It is essentially a one-day commitment. We will be setting up a Sign Up Genius for this which will come out in a couple weeks.

Concessions:  Richard Feller - coordinator.  During the performances, parents sell concessions in the lobby before the show, during the intermission, and after the show.  This can be a night when you are seeing the show. 

Backstage:  No current coordinator.  2 or 3 parents stay backstage during the performance to help the kids with costumes and makeup (although we have a student makeup crew).  They also help keep kids focused so that they don't miss their cues on stage.  These people need to be backstage during the performance, so this would not really be a night they would see the show. We will be setting up a Sign Up Genius for this which will come out in October.

Costumes:  No current coordinator.  Parents (usually moms, but not always) help track down the non-rented costumes for the cast and helps keep track of the different costume parts.  Trips to thrift stores are common - actually sewing skills not necessary.  This involves a few days here and there, but most of it is local to your home. We do ask a few of the costume people to come down to the school to help us sort through the costumes and look for any changes needed.  The show will involve lots of accessories for the pirates and some ingenuity for the mermaids, so if you have a creative element to you this would be a fun area to get involved.  But mostly we need people who have some knowledge of clothes to help piece these together.  A SignUp Genius for this is listed below.

Bake Sale: Mr. Buckley - coordinator.  On Wednesday, Oct 12, the GDA runs the bake sale during the morning and lunch periods at Gonzaga.  We need parents who can give us an hour or two to help sell goodies to the boys in the cafeteria.  If you can't make it down for that, we can always use your help with baked or bought goods to sell at the bake sale.  The more we sell, the more we make for the GDA - and it ALL goes to the GDA.  A SignUp Genius for this is listed below.

Raffle Items:  If anyone has tickets to a local sports team or performance that they would be willing to donate as a raffle item during the performance, that has become a great fundraiser for the GDA.  Thank you in advance for that.  Contact Mr Buckley if have something you can donate.

Ads:  We need to see lots and lots of ads in the playbill.  If you can get one on behalf of your child or on behalf of your business, please consider taking one out.  The ad form is located below.

SignUp Geniuses:


Costumes                                    Bake Sale




Ad Form:  




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