Gonzaga Security Overview

Below is information for the School Community on the security measures under way and currently in place at Gonzaga College High School.


  • Gonzaga’s Security Policy has been extensively revised and has ongoing revisions to the security plans post 9/11
  • Gonzaga coordinates security plans with City, MPD, DCEMA, Homeland Security, and other organizations concerned with public safety
  • Gonzaga participates in regular briefings and receives weekly updates from civil authorities, as well as local and regional school associations
  • Gonzaga’s emergency response planning team meets on a regular basis to review and revise our plans
  • Gonzaga participates in a city-wide emergency alert network.

Planning Considerations

  • Since the threat is unknown, Gonzaga attempts to make prudent risk assessments based on the information available to us.
  • Gonzaga’s guiding principles are:
    • Safety and security of students, faculty, and staff.
    • Flexibility in response as dictated by circumstances and the nature of the threat
    • Efficient, authoritative communication is imperative

Issued Related to Terrorism

  • Stay away notices associated with a school-wide lockdown or shelter, if implemented, are for the safety of those outside the campus
  • Shelter or lockdown procedures should not be expected to last more than 4 to 8 hours
  • depending on the proximity and nature of the threat, shelters may occur “in place”, or students and faculty may be relocated to another location or building.
  • Gonzaga has adequate stocks of nourishment and hydration to accommodate those on our campus.


  • Authoritative information about any emergency at school, and the school’s response, as well as directions to parents and guardians will be broadcast from the follinwg sources:
  • These are “broadcast” systems that are not subject to power failure and are capable of handling the largest number of inquiries most efficiently.

Public Information

Security in DC

  • Washington is one of the safest places in the world
  • The city is monitored via sensor grids, is capable of quick response and notification, and has a large public safety and EMA presence.
  • No known threats have been directed at Gonzaga.

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